Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Chronic lung conditions affect someone’s life journey early or late, jeopardising their wellbeing, movement and social life. People with chronic lung conditions get trapped in a cycle of inactivity, isolation and worsening breathlessness. Covid-19 has great negative impact on people with chronic lung conditions worsening the spiral of inactivity and exacerbations.

If you are one of them attacked by chronic lung condition, Lung Rehab Voyage launches a Tele- Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Mental Health Programme (PRMHP) to support you at your comfort of your home. Completing a course of pulmonary rehabilitation would revive your lung’s pattern of breathing, physical movement and mental health.

All our pulmonary rehabilitation package includes mental health counselling.

What is pulmonary rehab...

What is Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR) Programme?

Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR) is a supervised program that includes comprehensive assessment of individuals physical, mental and social domains; followed by a personalised exercise training and self-management education for people with chronic lung conditions to manage symptoms and improve quality of life.

International Respiratory Society guidance on pulmonary rehabilitation recommends at least 6 to 8 weeks exercise training to witness benefits of PR. Additionally, at Lung Rehab Voyage, mental health assessment and support is provided for anxiety, depression and stress disorders with appropriate counselling and psychotherapy techniques.

Is pulmonary rehab Right for me?

Pulmonary rehabilitation is recommended for patients diagnosed with chronic lung disease who experience frequent shortness of breath and difficultly to perform daily activities despite optimal use of medication. Commonly, many patients with COPD are referred to Pulmonary rehabilitation, but other chronic lung conditions do get benefit with better health outcomes.

Can I use oxygen during Pulmonary rehab programme?

Yes. Evidence confirms patients whose oxygen levels are at lower range and require supplemental oxygen during exercise, should use compile with your prescribed oxygen from your hospital. Remember,” more oxygen, more muscle.”

Lung Rehab Voyage does not provide oxygen but if any new issues of oxygen identified during consultation or therapy will refer you to your local GP services for procurement of oxygen.

Lung Rehab Voyage pulmonary rehab service benefits:

1 - Management of your respiratory conditions

2 - Revival of functional activities

3 - Aerobic and Strengthening programmes for lungs, chest, arms and leg muscles

4 - Helping restore fitness levels

5 - Ways to manage fatigue

Learn About Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonary Rehabilitation – Heidi’s story

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We are based in Gloucester, but all appointments are held online.

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